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Whether you are a family, group or a couple, when staying at the Terminus Hotel, there are a variety of accommodation options to suit your needs.

The Terminus is happy to offer six stunning hotel rooms upstairs of the hotel, three king suites and three queen suites.

Guests staying at the hotel can relax and socialise in the common area, which includes access to the stunning balcony overlooking the Murray River.

In addition, guests can select one of six self-contained motel units at the rear of the building, containing a refrigerator, air-conditioning and other modern conveniences to ensure visitors have everything they need at their fingertips.

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Free Parking


Air Conditioning


FREE Public Wifi


Self Contained



The hotel boasts three king suites and three queen suites complete with air-conditioning, comfortable bedding and shower.

The motel accommodation at the rear of the building consists of six self-contained motel units complete with a refrigerator, kettle and kitchenette.

* One room with three queen-sized beds and two single beds.

* One room with one queen-sized bed, one double bed, one single bed.

* One room with two king-sized single beds.

Whatever your visit requires, contact the helpful team at the Terminus Hotel, to find an option to compliment your stay.


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